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Who should consider Gaming Phones in 2020?

by Rohit Pakalapati

Gaming Phones are getting so popular these days but back in the days, the only gaming phone which I remember is the Nokia N-gage and of course, there are some other offerings from Samsung and Sony as well but sadly the gaming phone segment eventually faded away. Fast forward to 2020, gaming phones are popular yet again and thankfully they are not going to fade away anytime soon.

Now when we talk about gaming phones, the industry now has a lot of brands focusing on this segment. Particularly Asus is doing an amazing job by bringing the ROG Phone with a lot of accessories every year and there are some other known brands as well which are also focusing on this segment which is, to be honest, is still a niche. Namely,

Why do gaming phones make sense and what makes them special?

Gaming phones do come with a lot of similar hardware which you can find on many flagship phones but what makes them special is that they focus more on the gaming side of things, and offer you some extra added hardware like an overclocked CPU or a high refresh rate screen or even a better cooling system. Basically, they work more on the hardware which can make your gaming experience better.

Things like Response time, port selections, bigger battery, frame rates, air triggers, etc., make a huge difference when compared to normal phones. Along with all those hardware tweaks they even come with a lot of accessories to improve your gaming experience making your gaming phone nothing less than a portable console.

Gaming phone is essentially a portable console.

Who should actually consider gaming phones?

It is definitely a tough call to make when it comes to purchasing a gaming phone. One of the major reasons is that you can run any high-end game on a regular flagship as well and along with that they perform much better in all other aspects but when it comes to gaming phones, the only thing where they outshine a regular flagship is gaming. Of course, you do get good hardware like cameras for example, but it lacks that refinement where the regular flagships do better.

On a much important note, gaming phones are so powerful right now but we don’t have many games that take full advantage of this power. As of now, competitive games like PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty, are the only games that can somewhat take advantage of this powerful hardware.

Gaming phones are overkill right now!

Basically you can highly consider gaming phones,
  • If you are into mobile e-sports.
  • To gain a slight edge over other players while playing competitively.
  • If you edit your videos on the phone and are so particular about rendering times.
  • If you want to experience gaming on a smartphone in the best way possible.

Other than that if you are a normal user who likes to game sometimes, it would be a wise move to not buy a gaming phone.

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