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Lilium Introduces World’s First Jet Powered Electric Air Taxi

by Rohit Pakalapati

A German air taxi startup called Lilium has introduced its first-ever electric-powered Air taxi which can accommodate five people. Right now, It is in the testing phase and we are most likely to see this in the outer world by the end of 2025.

Back in 2017, Lilium announced its electric two-seater prototype and even conducted few test flights as well which demonstrates its vertical takeoff just like helicopters. Once it’s in the air, It accelerates forward which helps in achieving higher speeds than a helicopter or let’s say its contender, the Cora by Kitty Hawk.

Fast forward to this date, Lilium introduces its second prototype which can accommodate 4 passengers and a pilot making it a five-seater Air taxi.  On May 4th, they conducted a test flight that demonstrates the vertical lift-off and it has been a successful test. Of course, it’s not fully tested to take-off into the air, but as the first prototype has been successful in cruising over the sky, there’s no way this can be a fail. But only time will tell.

Unlike its competitors like Kitty Hawk and Joby Aviation, Lilium Jet is the only jet-powered transition aircraft in the market which is capable of traveling up to 300km with a top speed of 300km per hour.

What about safety?

As far as safety is concerned, the Lilium Jet will be certified by the government bodies of their respective countries wherever the service is going to launch. It has 36 individual engines with triple-redundant flight control, meaning the safety of the aircraft will not be compromised, even though any single component starts malfunctioning.

All things aside, it’s clear that the future of public transportation is going to be just like how we expected it to be. Just like we saw in sci-fi futuristic films. Soon, this will be a reality.

To know more about the Lilium Jet: Click Here

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