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Are Notches Really Necessary?

by Prasanth Tirlangi

This article is all about 2018’s most popular smartphone trend which obviously is not a feature in any way but people started accepting it as a feature, especially in India, the Notch. Notch display has become a trend since late 2017 and is continuing all through 2018. Like, look at how smartphone manufacturers are falling after notch displays thinking it as the only way to make their devices look premium and pull the market towards them.

Contents In The Notch:

If we see the notch section in the iPhone X we can find many things like proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, speaker, Microphone, front camera, an infrared camera because of which the notch is a bit bigger in size. But when it comes to other brands like essential, they have brought the notch size to the minimum by just letting it hold the front-facing camera and hiding all the other stuff under the screen. So it differs from brand to brand. It’s the manufacturer who can decide what a notch can have.

Where It All Started?

It doesn’t matter which smartphone manufacturer kick-started the notch trend, it can be the SHARP with Aquos S2 or the Essential with Essential PH-1. But ultimately, with the launch of iPhone X, people got a broader perspective on notch displays and all three manufacturers did it on purpose, to increase the screen to body ratio. But its the “Apple Notch” which attracted other manufacturers. Because you know? it’s Apple.

We know you all got a better understanding of the purpose of the notch. But to clarify, Apple went with a notch so that it can increase the total surface area of the display i.e to increase the screen to body ratio. They minimized the space in between the sensors and placed them under the Notch, keeping the bezels as small as possible and they have even bent the OLED screen right at the down bezel to achieve a near to true bezel-less experience and they were successful in doing that.

The After Math Of “Apple Notch”:

Every smartphone manufacturer, literally everyone is following the “Apple Notch” in fact copying or cloning or whatever you name. All are doing the same what Apple already did. We can see that for a long time right, whatever Apple does, the other so-called Innovative companies will simply replicate that, it may be the design or the technology. Copying good stuff is acceptable but copying bad stuff like notch just to replicate apple is not at all good for the Android smartphone ecosystem.

Dear Android smartphone manufacturer’s, if you truly adore the notch and decided to make use of a notch display to deliver a near to bezel-less experience like Apple then it’s completely fine. But, why in the hell you are still sporting a Big Bezel at the bottom. We can understand that you cannot twist your screen like the way Apple did because of the manufacturing costs but at least you can reduce the size of bezels right! do that first. So basically, If you cannot do it properly then what’s the point of sporting a Notch.

Speaking about copying, starting with OnePlus to Xiaomi, all started going with a notch on the top of the display. Some of the Smartphone brands like Nokia, which entered into the Android segment at the beginning of the year tried to not go to notch at first but got tempted to it and started making notch displays. Some brands even started advertising their devices as notch specific, what? come on guys you should know that it’s not any new technology it’s just a design aspect. In fact, many people around the world hate notches because notch looks ugly in the first place, that’s a fact.

While this whole notch discussion is going on, brands like Xiaomi launched the Mi Mix series which definitely is a great move but in a matter of months, even they started to fall for Notch. Because you know, money first, innovation next. And some other brands like OPPO and Vivo who launched Notch phones earlier also came up with some innovative designs to achieve a complete bezel-less experience like the OPPO Find X and the Vivo Nex which had completely bezel-less display.

Samsung is the only one company that didn’t go for a notch display till today and we believe that they are truly trying to launch something innovative. But, OnePlus which broke the tradition of copying other companies with its very popular OnePlusOne also started falling after notch with their latest OnePlus 6. It’s not rocket science, OnePlus, OPPO and Vivo are from the same parent brand, BBK electronics and as OnePlus and OPPO belong to the same supply chain they can easily replicate the design and technology of either of the two brands.

So, that’s how you got to see OnePlus’ amazing design’s starting with OnePlusOne. OnePlus even justified the Notch during the launch of OnePlus 6 but let’s be frank, what if iPhone X never sported a Notch? will OnePlus or OPPO even care about Notch?

At least OnePlus did it better by using the notch decently when compared to other so-called Smartphone Manufacturer’s and the upcoming OnePlus 6T ( OPPO R17 Pro) is looking beautiful even though it still sports a notch.

What’s Next?

2018 is full of notch phones, but let’s hope Android manufacturers will start innovating something new at least in 2019 instead of just copying Apple. Because this year, there’s nothing new from Apple to copy. But yes, who knows? some dumb smartphone manufacturer can even copy the iPhone XR’s 720p panel in the name of liquid eye display or something.

Dear Notch Lovers, before you comment down with negative words and poping angry emojis, let me clarify one thing. Notches are fine, ok. But only if the smartphone manufacturer’s use it properly.

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