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Apple Discontinues Most Happening iPhones.

by Prasanth Tirlangi

Every year when Apple launches new iPhones, it is a tradition that it discontinues some of the old iPhones so that it draws more customers towards the newly launched devices. After the launch of iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, some of the iPhones got vanished from the products page.Yes, What you noticed is completely true and its time to say goodbye to those last iPhones which sport a headphone jack, the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, and iPhone SE. Apple also decided to discontinue iPhone X, the World’s best selling smartphone, the smartphone which brought notch displays to us. Of course iPhone 6S, 6S Plus are over three years old and can be discontinued but they are the most selling and quite popular devices in India along with the budget-friendly iPhone SE and we are not sure that Apple will discontinue them here in India.

Surprisingly, Apple decided to discontinue the year-old iPhone X which set many benchmarks and most of the android biggies released later cannot even touch those benchmarks. That is how powerful the device is. Maybe, Apple might not want iPhone X to neutralize the new iPhone’s sales which have almost identical price compared to iPhone X and are a bit more powerful. By the way, speaking about customers they will always go with the product which offers more specifications especially when they have more options at a similar price segment.

Apple should have done lowering the price instead of going for completely closing the sales and manufacturing of iPhone X.

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