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All You Need To Know About PUBG Mobile Lite.

by Prasanth Tirlangi

We all Know how Player’s Unknown Battle Grounds(PUBG) Mobile transformed the smartphone gaming platform. After the release of PUBG mobile, many smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, OPPO tried to push their sales by making their devices compatible for the Shutterless PUBG gameplay in intense graphics settings and they all did their best. But, When the same PUBG Mobile when played in budget range smartphones, they all suffer a bit to render such a graphic intense game. To end that and also to provide a better experience for the people who use Budget Smartphones and are much interested to play PUBG on the go, PUBG corp. released a lighter version of the game called PUBG Mobile Lite.

What differs PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite?

Well, that’s the first and basic question that everybody wants to Know and Yeah we are here to answer it.

  • The Size of the file is Just 240 MB.
  • Only 40 players, which is meant for the faster-paced game.
  • The map is much smaller in size now- A rich 2×2 Km Island.
  • The In-Game Details are minimized which means They are going to focus more on the game and hide as much surrounding as possible.
  • The Match size is also said to be reduced to 10 minutes-Small Map and Quick Matches.

These are the main differences we found in the Lighter version of the game and the rest of the things are very much the same.

How can I download It?

If you are very much excited to play the new variant of the game, you have to wait for some more time for the global launch. Yes, That hurts as the game is only available to download for the people in the Philippines region. But don’t worry, Soon we can expect the global Launch. There are many other ways where you can download both the APK File and the required data file, But we Suggest you all wait till the global launch.

Let’s Keep up the HYPE.

The idea behind this move?

With all the other games like Fortnite, rushing into the smartphone market, I think this is a very intelligent step to increase the number of global player’s by extending the PUBG game to every single smartphone user. Like, The game can be played by the one having a mobile with even 1 GB of RAM. How cool it is!

What do you guys think about this move made by PUBG Corporation? Let us know in the comments section Below!

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