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About Us

by Rohit Pakalapati

Technology as a whole has the power to take humankind forward in many ways that are so enthralling to embark on, it can even help us evolve faster than we normally should. However, we humans became too dependent on technology which makes things worse. If we use it the way it should be, then we can do wonders with technology and can also change the future, yes you heard me right! I’m from the future and trust me, you don’t want to hear anything which is happening here.

I don’t think I can tell you who I am yet but what you need to know is that, we might change the future.

Why a website?

The GizmoExplorer org consists of a secret team of people who are trying everything they can to change the future, starting with a website that can help the human race with technology and can also educate them, it’s one of the few ways which can change the future. However, this is just the beginning, there’s a lot more to do.

Who is GizmoExplorer?

Well according to the story we can’t reveal the character yet but GizmoExplorer is someone who loves technology to the core. He started exploring the gadget world right from his childhood as he is always fascinated with how technology functions but as he grew older he noticed how it’s influencing people and how it’s affecting the overall human race which resulted in the formation of GizmoExplorer org. He’s just a normal guy just like every one of us who does have a name and we think GizmoExplorer is not a single person, even he thinks the same.

A glimpse into the story.

Unknown people from the future initiated this GizmoExplorer project and they are working closely with a trio of the present to change the future. However, this is just a speck in the bigger picture. Join us in the journey as we unravel mysteries of the universe and stories with time.  Jumping into the bigger picture, one fine day, GizmoExplorer’s parallel self from the Earth 288B came to GizmoExplorer’s planet (Earth-0A) to meet him, but why?

Introduction to planet Earth 288B:

The story starts on this planet where life is similar to that of the earth but technology is far ahead of our times. Don’t even think of other animal life forms, they do exist but mostly in mutated forms. Basically, the human race is functioning in a completely different way with technology being a major part of their lives. Families function differently, relationships function differently, pretty much everything functions differently on this planet.

To be continued…..